Crane’s Up, and The Coast is Clear at Lakeshore East

Construction is underway at the newest skyscraper at the Lakeshore East subdivision of the New Eastside portion of the Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

Construction at The Surf in Lakeshore East

A crane has been erected for The Coast (345 East Wacker Drive), a $150 million, 45-story residential tower scheduled to obliterate most lake views from Aqua (430 East Waterside Drive) by 2013.

See our previous coverage of The Coast here:

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  1. What is going to go up at Clark and Illinois where they just took down the North Community bank building?

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    • Editor

      Cool. Thanks for the link, too. I’ve been out of the country for about a month, so it’s new to me! Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone from LSE contributing regular updates. Only Gold Coast, Loop, and West Loop right now.

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      • I will try and get a few pics this afternoon, if I can’t get down there today I’ll get some over the weekend. They’ve done quite a bit on the foundation already.

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        • Editor

          Great! Send the pics, and anything else you see interesting in the neighborhood to I used to live in LSE back when it was just starting, and it’s good to see it making so much progress.

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  2. Scaffolding going up around another Friedman-owned parking lot at Hubbard/Clark.

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