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After Many Long Days, Studio Gang’s Solstice About to Cast Shadows

This past Friday, Mother Nature issued a permit allowing the daffodils in Lincoln Park to start reaching out of their burrows and raising their heads skyward.  Coincidentally, it was the same day that the City of Chicago issued a permit allowing Hyde Park’s newest skyscraper to grow to its final height.

Rendering of Solstice on the Park (Courtesy of Studio Gang Architects)

Rendering of Solstice on the Park (Courtesy of Studio Gang Architects)


The building in question is the Studio Gang building Solstice on the Park. It’s now sporting the address 1616 East 56th Street, instead of number 1556.

Work has been underway on the skyscraper since October, but that was for foundations and the lowest four floors.  With the latest City Hall stamp, Solstice can achieve its full 26-story,  298-foot height.

Like many Studio Gang projects, this one is intimately tied to the sun.  It uses a technique called solar carving to ensure that the sun’s rays penetrate the windows more thoroughly in the cold winter months, and less directly in the summer.

The emphasis on windows is also advantageous for its location, right on Jackson Park with the Museum of Science and Industry just across the street, and Lake Michigan its shouting-distance neighbor.


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Location: 1616 East 56th Street, Hyde Park


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