SRO Watch: Habitat’s East Park Getting $7m Renovation

The Habitat Company, one of the few big Chicago developers who aren’t afraid of the poors, is pouring seven million dollars into renovating an S.R.O. in East Garfield Park.

East Park S.R.O. as seen from Apple Maps

East Park S.R.O. as seen from Apple Maps

The East Park S.R.O. is a five-story building just two blocks from the park and its magnificent and historic fieldhouse.  It features 152 furnished homes, each with its own bath, full-sized appliances,  and even air conditioning.

According to the construction permits, most of the work being done is mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.  But also coming is a 300 square-foot covered parking area for bicycles, and a 950 square-foot outdoor patio for the residents.  The architect listed in Landon Bone Baker Architects in River West.

As gentrification pushes farther west from the greater Loop area, it’s good to see investments being made to save this essential type of housing, instead of seeing the block razed and replaced with faux lofts, or po-mo townhouses, or “luxury” studio apartments.  After all, the guy who makes your coffee; the woman who cleans your office; the courier who delivers your plans — they have to live somewhere.


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Location: 3300 West Maypole, East Garfield Park


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