Red Rover, Please Renovate Ramova

The Ramova Theater

We stopped by the Ramova Theater (3518 South Halsted Street) again recently to see how the old girl is holding up.

The city recently began a $300,000 project to stabilize the building until some kind soul can buy it and turn it into something other than a source of stink to compete with nearby Bubbly Creek.

Around Thanksgiving, we saw some construction workers tinkering among the scaffolding on the south side of the building, but otherwise it looked unchanged from our last update.

The Ramova used to be a big deal, not only in the city of Chicago, but nationally during the early years of the movie industry. Recently some urban explorers got a chance to go inside, and what they found was both fascinating and sad. You can see some pictures on the Save The Ramova Theater Facebook page.

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