New Year — New Service

Well, today marks six years since the Chicago Architecture Blog first went online.  Both the web site and the city have grown remarkably since that first post all that time ago.

To mark our sixth anniversary we are abandoning the homebrew blogging software cobbled together out of bits and bytes and tape and chewing gum and are going with a commercial blog solution.
Why?  Well, to be frank it took a long, long time for us to convert pictures and prose into blog entries on the old system.  There were lots of macros and Photoshop kludges and it was all a lot more work than it was worth.
Now, armed with fancy new iPhones (actually the old ones — we haven’t ponied up for the 3G yet) we hope to be able to publish more entries, more quickly, and many of them right from the street as we take pictures.
We’re hoping this new method will bring you more information and help us all see Chicago a little better, and a little faster.

Author: Editor

Editor founded the Chicago Architecture Blog in 2003, after a long career in journalism. He can be reached at

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