Clubbing at 900! Woo!

Things could be getting a little louder at 900 North Michigan Avenue.

Labone Limited Partnership has applied for a Public Place of Amusement license with the City of Chicago.   A PPA license is required for businesses that have, “theater, live acts, live music, dancing, two or more pool tables, less than four automatic amusement devices.”   Could it be planning to put in a new club on the Rush Street side of the building?  Maybe not.
Note the “live music” line in there.  Labone is the company that owns Frankie’s Scaloppini, the lower-end Italian joint that opened where Tucci Bennuch used to be.   It’s possible that Labone just wants to add a guitar player to Frankie’s.  But then again, Potbelly has a live music and a singing girl, but doesn’t have a PPA license.

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