The greening of 900

Have you noticed what’s going on on the roof of 900 North Michigan?  It’s getting a green roof.  Well, not the roof of the actual skyscraper, but on the roof of the building that’s officially called the 900 North Michigan Avenue Annex.  Construction has been going on for about a month and from what we’ve been able to see in that time, it involved tearing up the old roof, putting in a new roof, and now finally what appears to be a lawn.

The brochures for the Residences at 900 North Michigan Avenue already tout its garden (barely visible in this photo behind Michigan Place) as the city’s highest outdoor greenspace.  Of course, it will lose that title once the roof on the annex is opened.  It will be interesting to see if people who live in the building will be able to access the new garden high above Oak Street and Rush Street.  We’ll let you know what we see.

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