River North gets a new tower, and a new park

In these days when skyscrapers from Denver to Dubai are hitting the skids, it’s worth noting when something new actually moves forward.

According to the River North Residents Association, developers have actually managed to get financing to build the Parc Huron.  This will be built at 469 West Huron in the booming area known for the Grand Kingsbury, Erie on the Park, and hundreds of new townhomes.

It’s been amazing over the last five years to watch the area transform itself from warehouses and vacant lots into a thriving residential neighborhood.  With the addition of the 21-story Parc Huron comes four more townhomes, and more importantly a 15,000 square foot semi-public park.   After the fiasco with the Park at Lakeshore East we’re skeptical about any of these quasi-public parks, but at the same time any greenspace in the Loop or Near North Side is welcome.

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