One Fewer Vacant Spaces at Water Tower Place

Getting around Water Tower Place has been pretty confusing this year.  Lord & Taylor’s exit brought massive renovations, the American Girl Place,  and a big shuffle of many of the stores.  Things are starting to settle down now, and if you’ve browsed around the mall lately, you’ve noticed that the stores seem to be arranged in zones now.

There’s a zone for cougar/soccer mom fashion stores, a zone for watches and jewelry stores, a zone for stores specializing in peddling prostitution wear to 12-year-olds, and even a zone for the occasional dad or boyfriend who gets dragged into the place.

One of the newcomers is a place we haven’t heard of before until we saw a sign for it.  Aritzia is described by Michigan Avenue magazine as both “fashion forward” and “Canadian.”  Take that for what it’s worth, we’ll welcome an import from Canuckistan if it means filling up a vacant space.

Good luck to them.

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