In Case You Missed It: More Grocery Store Talk for Lakeshore East

It’s been five years since the first time a salesperson at Lakeshore East told us that a grocery store would be open at the complex, “any day now… six months, tops.”  Since then we’ve heard similar lines from Lakeshore East salespeople half a dozen times and yet the nearest serious grocery shopping option is the Dominick’s on East Illinois Street.

In fact, that Dominick’s was built and opened within two years of us first being told that a Lakeshore East grocery store was right around the corner.  So you can imagine the yawns with which we greeted this piece of news from Crain’s Chicago Business: Roundy’s is looking at Lakeshore East .

The article states that the minor Wisconsin grocery store chain is looking for a location on the West Side, and one in Lakeshore East.  Roundy’s is reportedly looking for about double the space of the never-built Treasure Island grocery store.  As luck would have it, a nearby hotel recently pulled out of the Aqua project, so many it can find some space in the building’s podium.

Or not.  We’ll believe it when we see it.

(On a side note, we lived in Lakeshore East for two years and frequented both Bockwinkle’s at The Park Millennium and the one in Harbor Point Tower .  While both are nice, neither is useful for “serious” grocery shopping.  For that, it’s the Dominick’s in The Fairbanks , the Jewel on State Street, or our favorite option —

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