Details on New 41 Story Apartment Tower For West Loop

Elsewhere on this blog someone asked for some information on the surface parking lot at 108 North Jefferson Street.  I answered the question there, but since most people don’t spend their time reading all of the comments on this blog, I thought I’d make a separate post for it as well.

These facts are, of course, fluid.  Nothing is concrete until it’s built in concrete.  So things may have changed radically, but here’s the latest I have on 108 N. Jeff.:

Name: 108 North Jefferson

Stories: 41

Height: 430 feet

Use: Rental apartments

Architect: Solomon Cordwell Bunez

Office space: 93,000 square feet

Retail space: 12,500 square feet

Apartments: 311

Garage: 5 stories

Parking spaces: 246

Naturally a swimming pool and all the usual amenities are planned.

Last I heard this is still in the permitting stage.  Traffic and other studies have to be done first.  If anyone has any better information, post it here.

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