The Best or Worst Roscoe Village Real Estate Ad Ever

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know that when you want to sell something, you make it appear in its best light in the advertisement.

With that in mind, perhaps this real estate listing for a Roscoe Village apartment could use a revision.

  • Not because of the snarky Roscoe Village is better than Lakeview boosterism (“…like Lakeview, but without all the drunks.”)
  • Not because the writer misspelled village “Vilagle.”
  • Not because the second sentence makes no sense at all (“Roscoe Vilagle has this, you bright, spacious, updated apartment.”)

No, we’re talking about the last photo in the listing — the guy hosing himself down in the bathtub full of empty beer cans.

I thought Lakeview was where all the dunks are?

The question is — is this ad really a “Fail” (to use the parlance of contemporary internet thugs)?  Probably not.

The one goofy photo, clearly lifted from another web site, does not detract from the listing.  More importantly, it is drawing attention to the listing from web sites and blogs across the internet.  Thousands of people who would otherwise not have looked at the ad are seeing it for the first time.

Sure, the majority of them aren’t interested in real estate in Roscoe Village.  But it only takes one person to make a stunt that took virtually no effort all worth while.

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