Update: Miglin Stays, So Does Baccarat

Following up to our story from the other day about 112 East Oak Street , I have found out what’s going on in that space.

Those of you who are regular Oak Street strollers have noticed that in the last couple of weeks the small Marilyn Miglin sign pledging to return in the Spring has been joined by massive Baccarat posters claiming the same space for June, 2009.

I got in touch with someone at M.M. who explained that Baccarat will be on the first and second floors, while Marilyn Miglin will be on the third.  The opening date still seems fluid, but she offered June as a possibility, which would coincide with Baccarat’s planned opening.

It should be noted that even though the Oak Street location is being renovated, Marilyn Miglin still operates a boutique inside The Claire (55 East Pearson) so you can continue to get the products and services you need.

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