Bits on Barneys

Here are a few more notes about Barneys New York’s move across Rush Street to its new store.

  • The workers don’t have to work weekends for a change as they help ferry the inventory across the street.
  • Barney’s cosmetics department is going to start carrying Bobby Brown and La Mer.  Before now those were considered “lower class” brands relegated to the likes of Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.  If you asked for La Mer at Barneys before now (it’s really fantastic on sunburns!) you would get a serious sneer, a toss of the hair, and if you’re lucky the makeup maid would only walk away from you.
  • It’s unconfirmed, but we hear that Barneys has joined the ranks of most other large companies and instituted a hiring freeze.
  • The inside of the new building’s stairwell looks really cool, and there’s a picture floating around the internet: You can see the Prairie School architectural homage.
  • In case you missed it earlier, the new Barneys store opens Thursday, April 16th, 2009.

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