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Elysian Chicago

The Elysian Chicago

The Elysian Chicago

It’s with great anticipation that we’ve watched the Elysian Chicago rising over the last couple of years.  And now that it’s topped off, it really does have a remarkable impact on the city’s skyline.

Even though it’s only 60 stories (and 700 feet) tall, it has a dominating presence from many vantage points to the north.  And from the west and south it competes quite easily with both the John Hancock Center , and the Trump International Hotel and Tower .

Although a lot of people dislike the style of the building, it has grown on me and I think is a good compliment to 900 North Michigan and The Fordham .  Call it faux deco; call it 90’s revival; call it neo chateau; call it what you will — Chicago should be proud that it can call it “almost done” at a time when so many smaller projects are being canceled in other cities.

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