Moving Ahead With North Grant Park

While the potential relocation of the Chicago Children’s Museum to Grant Park is being hashed out in court, the broader redesign of the northern end of Grant Park continues.

$35 million from the privatization of the subterranean parking garages is being used for the project which will hopefully accomplish a number of things, including providing a better link from Millennium and Grant Parks to the lake shore.

It will also replace the failing membrane over the parking garage roof that is leading to the deterioration of the parking structure.

There has been a lot of concern about preserving the mature trees in the park.  Though many will be lost, we hear that some progress has been made in identifying a number of them that can be saved.  Those that cannot be kept will be replaced on an inch-for-inch basis.  Meaning, if a tree with a six-inch diameter trunk is cut down, it will be replaced by two trees with three-inch diameter trunks, or six one-inch diameter trunks.

As far as we’ve heard there has not been a solution found to the problem of Frank Gehry’s famed BP Pedestrian Bridge, which lands right on top of one of the portions of garage roof scheduled to be replaced.

That will be part of the challenge for the firm picked to oversee the park’s redesign.  An announcement of which firm gets the job will be made this summer.

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