State Street Returning to Normal

WLS-TV had the big news Saturday night, but now here’s some photographic proof for those of you who don’t watch television on the weekend: The Jersey barriers have come down on State Street.

That means that after years of construction, things are finally starting to look normal again as Block 37 / 108 North State Street / Daley Mills construction starts to wind down.

For drivers, it means that another traffic lane will finally return to service.  For pedestrians, it means it’s possible to walk from Borders to the Atwood Cafe without crossing four streets.  It also means access to the Red Line station entrance from the south once again.

It took more than 20 years, but Block 37 is finally starting to look like something.  Now all we need is a  real name for the mall.  We will continue to push for “Daley Mills” until someone comes up with something better.

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