TweetEcho: August 3-9, 2009

For those of you who don’t subscribe to our Twitter feed, here are the items we tweeted in the last week or so:

  1. One of Chicago’s Burnham Pavilions in Millennium Park is so badly damaged, it will close for repairs:

  2. Tourists damage Chicago’s first Burnham pavilion enough that it’s now off-limits:

  3. Attention, tourists! Download your free map of Chicago’s tallest skyscrapers:

  4. I see something huge on fire toward the western horizon (suburbs?). Anyone know what’s burning?

  5. Beautiful moon tonight. That bright star next to it is Jupiter. If you missed tonight, look for it tomorrow.

  6. RT @StephanieIzard its official!!! the drunken goat coming to 809-813 W Randolph in january!!!! signed, sealed delivered!!

  7. Another new steakhouse coming to Chicago’s Near North Side:

  8. “Zaha! There It Is!” Millennium Park’s second Burnham pavilion opens seven weeks late:

  9. Did you know that Chicago has ANOTHER riverwalk? Pics and video:

  10. Pictures and information about three new Chicago hotels planned for the Near North Side:

  11. Don’t freak out when you see lots of military activity along Chicago’s lakefront. The FBI & SWAT are training all this week.

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