Video: The New FlatTop Grill, Plus Q&A

Earlier this week we published an article about the new FlatTop Grill location that opened up in the Sullivan Center (30 South Wabash Avenue).  While we were there during a practice lunch, we shot some video of the inside.  It’s presented below so you can get an idea of what the place looks like.

Also, in the previous article about FlatTop Grill we mentioned that we asked FlatTop’s PR firm to explain a few things.  The questions and answers are as follows:

  • Why did FlatTop choose this location?
  • It was a perfect spot for us. There’s a vibrancy to FlatTop which makes it a fun place to meet people for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’re also a neighborhood concept and the Loop is very much a vibrant neighborhood that combines a working crowd along with residents. This location allows us to cater to both groups as well as visitors to Chicago.
  • Were there any special challenges working with this space?
    • There have been no real challenges. Because the Sullivan Center is a historic building, we did need to follow certain guidelines though. And in this Loop location we expect large daily lunchtime crowds each day, since we are in walking distance of many large office buildings. Yet, we are also a neighborhood restaurant and are community focused. Because of this we are able to service both the weekday office workers and the Loop residents. 
  • The Sullivan Center is a very historic building, yet I saw no effort made to highlight, preserve, or show off its history. In fact, the interior could have been any building anywhere.  Is there a reason it wasn’t tailored for the Sullivan Center?
    • Due to the historical nature of the building, we followed specific guidelines; and, because the Sullivan Center is such a wonderful historic site we wanted to highlight Chicago’s history in the space. Guests will see pictures depicting some of Chicago’s iconic images throughout the restaurant.
  • FlatTop is one of several eateries that have opened in the Wabash corridor over the last four months.  Why go there instead of another place?
    • FlatTop is a neighborhood type of restaurant and the Loop is a great example of one of Chicago’s downtown neighborhoods. It’s an exciting place to be and it’s the same energy guests find at a FlatTop restaurant. We fully expect that the new FlatTop Grill in the Sullivan Center will develop its own loyal legion of fans, just as all of our other FlatTop Grill restaurants have done.
  • Does FlatTop plan to have business hours that work with the people who live in the Loop and encourage continued residential growth there, or will it only cater to the lunchtime suburban office crowd?
    • We are catering to everyone who is in the Loop: residents, office workers and visitors. The restaurant will be open seven days a week, opening at 8 a.m. every day and closing at 9 p.m. Sunday – Thursday, and 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. FlatTop guests will be able to eat breakfast, lunch & dinner at this location; in fact, it’s the only FlatTop that is serving breakfast seven days a week, and the downtown residents are the reason we chose to make breakfast available at this location every day.  

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