Things a Little Sweatier in the Loop

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot more sweaty people in the Loop these days.  That’s because L.A. Fitness has opened a gym inside The Heritage at Millennium Park (130 North Garland Court).  Based on the number of people we see through the windows shooting hoops and riding fitness contraptions, it appears to be doing quite well.

Also important is that this is yet another link in the strengthening retail situation in the city’s pedway system.  If you haven’t been down in the Millennium Station section in a while, check it out.  There’s a florist and a popcorn joint and even a bar.  The pizza joint does a really good job, and is open remarkably late.  I brought a pie home just the other day, much to the consternation of my fellow passengers on the 147 bus.

“No, I didn’t bring enough for everybody and I’m not going to share with the class.”

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