Chicago’s Craziest Profession

Police officers in Chicago are often go by the monicker “Chicago’s Finest.”  Firefighters use the phrase “Chicago’s Bravest” because of the way they run into burning buildings.  But what about the city’s army of window washers?  Perhaps they should be nominated for “Chicago’s Craziest.”

While a lot of buildings have gondolas for window washers to ride up and down the sides of skyscrapers, more and more we see window washers perched upon a 2×4, or sometimes even less.

In tribute to these people, who can sometimes get killed on the job (it happened a few years ago), here’s a gallery of some of the window washers we’ve seen:

On The Shoreham (400 East South Water Street)
On The Shoreham (400 East South Water Street)
On The Lancaster (201 North Westshore Drive)
On The Engineering Building (205 West Wacker Drive)

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