TweetEcho: November 24-December 6, 2009

For those of you who don’t subscribe to our Twitter feed, here are the items we tweeted in the last week or so:

  1. @chiarchitecture There’s already a free geo-location architecture app for Chicago. Just go to in your iPhone or iPod Touch browser
  2. RT @LakePointTower: Coast Guard tree distribution, viewed from Lake Point Tower
  3. RT @LakePointTower: Close up of Christmas trees on deck of Coast Guard boat, viewed from Lake Point Tower
  4. That huge red Coast Guard cutter parked in front of Navy Pier is unloading Christmas trees from Michigan for Chicago’s poor.
  5. If you have an iPhone, please test our new web app at . Let me know how it works for you.
  6. Chicago’s oldest weather forecaster (even older than Tom Skilling!):
  7. First snowflakes of the season spotted: corner of Erie and McClurg in Streeterville.
  8. The new Culti boutique on the Michigan Avenue looks about ready to open:
  9. Work has begun on the new Columbia Sporting Goods store on Michigan Avenue:
  10. Thanks to Trevor Young for uploading his picture of the Willis Tower to Chicago Architecture Info:
  11. The New York Times is on the Block 37 story:
  12. Thanks to Thomas Barrat for uploading a picture of the Northern Trust Company Building to the web site:
  13. Great pictures of what may be Chicago’s craziest profession:
  14. @chiarchitecture Dumping the cars was a big reason I picked Chicago to live in. Been car free for 6 years. Saving $700/month.
  15. And…. it’s gone.
  16. It’s going to be a nice sunset. Try to find a way to see it.
  17. The Tribune’s review of Block 37:
  18. The MetraMarket in Chicago’s West Loop is open:
  19. @volgablue I guess I could. I stopped posting pics because griefers on SSP accused me of faking the Sears Tower lightning photo.
  20. Willis Tower is all lit up for Christmas!
  21. Hard to believe how long it’s been since summer. Snow’s coming on Thursday!
  22. An update and lots of documents about the new residential skyscraper in Chicago’s West Loop:
  23. Chicago Park District to Burn Lincoln Park
  24. The plan to warehouse dead people in Chicago”s Gold Coast is… um… dead:
  25. Add Zara, Puma, Godiva and Sabon to the list of stores now open at Block 37.
  26. Block 37: What stores are coming and when, plus photos inside the new mall:
  27. It’s that time of year again. Bits of ice are falling off the John Hancock Center.
  28. How awful: Just saw a worker at the Hancock Center P.O. antagonize a customer by pretending not to know what Christmas stamps are.
  29. Woo hoo! We now have over 100 Facebook fans. If you’re on Facebook, fan our page today!
  30. Check out the cool rendering of Roosevelt University’s skyscraper it’s going to build in the Loop:
  31. Our sister blog has published fantastic new aerial pix of the construction frenzy for the 2012 Olympics in London:
  32. @goldendragon35 I have a list. I’ll post it on the Chicago Architecture Blog when I get a chance:
  33. After losing its store to Mont Blanc expansion at 900 North Michigan, Lalique is coming back to Chicago next month:

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