Tuesday Trivia: Odd Numbers on LSD

Recently we published a photograph of Lake Point Tower, which made me think of this trivia question.

Q:  Lake Point Tower (seen below) at 505 North Lake Shore Drive is the only residential building east of North Lake Shore Drive.  But it’s not the only one with an odd house number.  What is the other building with a street address indicating that it is on the east side of Lake Shore Drive?

A: 999 North Lake Shore Drive.

This building should actually have the address 954 North Lake Shore Drive, but has been granted the vanity address of 999 Lake Shore Drive, even though it is on the west side of the street.


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  1. If 999 North Lake Shore Drive should actually be 954, how can it be north of 990?

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  2. Because 990 North Lake Shore Drive is also a vanity address.

    The building that uses the 990 North LSD address has a legal address of 940 North Lake Shore Drive.

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