TweetEcho: December 7-December 16, 2009

For those of you who don’t subscribe to our Twitter feed, here are the items we tweeted in the last week or so:

  1. The Hermes logos are up at the new Hermes location on Oak Street:
  2. Chicago’s cheapest architecture tour: No club to join, tour fees, or docents to tip:
  3. Tuesday Trivia: Name the only TWO residential buildings on Lake Shore Drive with odd numbered addresses:
  4. We hear there’s been a sudden flurry of activity today at the long-dormant Waterview Tower. Anyone know what’s going on?
  5. Children’s Memorial Hospital has a new “projection”: Ha! “Projection!” I get it!
  6. Dogs in backpacks=cute. Dogs in backpacks on motorcycles=danger!
  7. The new public skating rink next to Wrigley Field opens today. $10+skate rental if you don’t bring your own.
  8. A new hospital will replace the vacant lot in Streeterville that used to be the CBS building:
  9. The Chicago Architecture Blog: Third Chicago Skyscraper Fire in Three Weeks
  10. The Amish have set up shop in the Loop!
  11. Beware of Chicago’s sign-eating tree!
  12. @LittleMissMatch is now open in the old Barneys New York Space on Oak Street:
  13. Just voted for Tweet of the Year #openwebawards
  14. Just voted Hootsuite for Best Twitter App #openwebawards
  15. Kinda cool: Michigan Avenue Best Buy has a concierge & will deliver phone chargers or other forgotten electronics to nearby hotels.
  16. The Elysian Chicago is now officially open:
  17. Pictures of the damage from this morning’s deadly Chicago skyscraper fire:
  18. Nokia is going to close its Michigan Avenue store:
  19. The Tribune’s best #Chicago architecture of 2009:
  20. Here’s a good photo of The Plaza on Dewitt, the building where the woman was killed in a fire last night:
  21. Second Chicago skyscraper fire in a week. This one killed a woman:
  22. Public skating rink to open by Wrigley Field
  23. Staff at Chicago’s new Elysian hotel will refuse tips — just like hotels in Asia:
  24. @CMEGroup Nice pic. Thanks for pointing it out to me.
  25. Chicago architects build gingerbread houses:
  26. Very sad, since I love the Atwood Cafe: Hotel Burnham faces foreclosure:
  27. Is it just me, or is it really quiet in the Loop today?
  28. Just went to Chicago’s new Culti store. Makes you want to redecorate your lifestyle.
  29. New Children’s Memorial Hospital tops out today: More on the building:
  30. WSJ op ed asks if we can finally get over Mies van der Rohe and move on to something more interesting:

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