TweetEcho: December 17, 2009-January 3, 2010

For those of you who don’t subscribe to our Twitter feed, here are the items we tweeted in the last week or so:

  1. For the record — Raccoons are not afraid of the El (with video):
  2. Tuesday Trivia: What we were before there was a Chicagoland:
  3. Sur la Table on Walton Street is now closed. There’s a sign stating that it’s looking for a new location nearby.
  4. @aThousandFeetUp Absolutely. It was one of the better sunsets we’ve had in a while. And the sun sets two minutes later where you are!
  5. Ever wonder what Facebook’s headquarters looks like? Well, here ya’ go!
  6. Chicago’s Aqua skyscraper is now a trivia question (#30):
  7. Britain’s “Sun” newspaper compares Chicago with New York: “just as fabulous after dark – and a whole lot less frenzied.”
  8. My kind of town: New flight sim pack brings back Meigs Field, adds the Chicago Spire:
  9. Anthropologie opens at Chicago’s Block 37 on January 22.
  10. Unfollowing @chiarchitecture because of the poor signal to noise ratio. Will re-follow if the content improves.
  11. There’s finally a store to replace L’Artisan at the 900 Shops. LTJ Arthur looks like some kind of socks and pajamas store.
  12. Fifth Chicago skyscraper fire in a month. Latest one in the basement of 210 East Pearson. Pix of the building:
  13. Midwest Guest shows us Chicago’s Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows:
  14. An artifact of Chicago’s railroad history runs through River North:
  15. A sad slice of Chicago life: Especially for cat lovers.
  16. A Toronto newspaper looks at Chicago’s Fulton Market district:
  17. Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley on a 1956 edition of the game show What’s My Line?
  18. Au Bon Pain is now open at Block 37.
  19. The guy who designs the Apple Stores has been honored by the American Institute of Architects:
  20. WBBM reports the fire was actually in a stairwell in Nordstrom and is out.
  21. Michigan Ave tied up because of a small fire at 540 North (The Marriott). More on the building:
  22. Epic sunset. Thanks, God.
  23. Chicago Art Magazine explains why you shouldn’t feel bad if you get lost in the Art Institute’s new wing:
  24. Cranky Canuck Frank Gehry drops the F-bomb and takes swipes at other starchitects:
  25. Celtic Fest Chicago is moving from the Fall to the Spring (May 8-9) and will be squeezed (downsized?) into Millennium Park.
  26. The feds are checking north side restaurants for illegal meat! (Rick Bayless’ Frontera Grill is clean)
  27. The Hermes logos are up at the new Hermes location on Oak Street:
  28. Chicago’s cheapest architecture tour: No club to join, tour fees, or docents to tip:

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