One of Chicago’s Best Public Restrooms Just Got Better

Many people who live or work in the city have a mental map of where the nearest, best public restroom is. While I’m not usually much on giving away my secret places of refuge, in these times when the temperatures plummet and our bladders feel smaller (it’s not just me is it?), it seems only fair to share this amazing discovery:

They’ve started stocking breath mints, hand lotion, and mouthwash in the Millennium Station men’s room!

Secluded beneath Michigan Avenue and connected to the relatively warm and dry pedway, with easy access to the Red Line and at least three underground coffee shops, the Millennium Station men’s room is one of the cleanest, safest, and best maintained public restrooms in the Loop. Now you know.

But on a recent trip to pick up dinner (the underground pizza joint across the way does a pretty good New York-style pie), I noticed new accouterments. There’s a bottle of hand lotion, a tray with individually wrapped breath mints, and tiny disposable cups for use with the mouthwash pump next to them.

Next thing you know, we’ll have complementary combs and a guy to dry our hands for us!

Sometimes I get excited by the little things in life.

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