Status Update: Deconstructing The Deconstructed

The Thompson Center

The Thompson Center

Work continues on the Thompson Center (100 West Washington Street) where the granite panels were found to be deteriorating and in danger of falling off of their posts.

The panels are arranged around the perimeter of the block, outlining where the building might have gone if it were square and not a series of balconies surrounding a curved glass atrium.  The granite panels get smaller and more deconstructed as they get father from the main body of the building.  Now demolition crews are deconstructing the deconstruction so people don’t get bonked on the head by Helmut Jahn’s creative expressions.

Although it hasn’t been called the “State of Illinois Building” in a decade, certain media organizations (*cough*WGN-TV*cough*) continue to use the outdated name which has since been assigned to another building across the street.

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