Kindling A Desire For Chicago

I don’t own a a Kindle, but a see lots of them all the time in the various Starbucks stores that dot my neighborhood.  They seem very popular and people like them a lot.  I was originally holding out for Nook for Christmas, but that didn’t work out.  Now I’m thinking about an iPad, but that’s a different story.

Why do you care?

Because if you are a Kindle owner, you can now subscribe to the Chicago Architecture Blog on your Kindle.  New issues are delivered automagically via the wireless Whispernet technology.  I don’t have a Kindle of my own to try this out with, but it’s my understanding that it looks something like this:

The price for a subscription is 99 cents a month.  Why that price?  I have no idea.  Amazon picks the price.  I assume it’s to cover the cost of delivering the content via Sprint and AT&T’s mobile data network for free.  When it first came online about a month ago, Amazon set the price at $1.99, but then lowered the price when I started publishing fewer articles for a while.  Now that I’m back on task and putting out more content, we’ll see if the price rises again.  Or you could quick subscribe now to beat the price increase!  If there is one.  If not, you haven’t lost anything.l

If you have a Kindle and choose to subscribe to this blog on it, let me know how it works for you, and what I can do to improve the experience.  Maybe I’ll pick up a used one from eBay one of these days to see for myself.

Here’s the link to the Chicago Architecture Blog on

I hope some of you find this method of reading the blog useful.

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