Slice of Life: Graffiti Blasters

A Graffiti Blasters truck

A Graffiti Blasters truck

It’s hard to say who was the first person to describe the mayor’s personal aides as “henchmen.”  But who knew that some of hizzonor’s specialized teams have superhero names like “Graffiti Blasters.”  This city truck was spotted in River North not too long ago.  It makes me wonder if there are CDOT trucks labeled “Mayor Daley’s Pothole Bashers” or health department trucks labeled “Mayor Daley’s Mosquito Massacrerers.”  Either way, it’s a cute bit of humor in an often humorless administration.

A little Googling shows that Graffiti Blasters has its own Wikipedia page.  The goal is to eliminate graffiti within 24 hours of the city receiving a 311 call.  Here’s the organization’s city web page: linky.

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