Slice of Life: Lincoln Park is a Gas

With concerns about the environment and the economy, you’d think that gas lamps would have gone the way of the buggy whip.  But there are a number of them alive and burning in Chicago.  I’ve seen a few in the Gold Coast, in the streets behind the Cardinal Francis George’s* home, and a few others in Hyde Park. This one isn’t on a home, but is actually one of a pair illuminating a street in Lincoln Park.  Sadly, the owners have the money to keep the lamp light burning, but not the time to clean and maintain the lantern, itself.

* Chicago’s cardinal prefers to be called “Cardinal Francis George,” not the traditional order “Francis Cardinal George.”  His office sent out a news release about this shortly after he became cardinal.  There is no “official” method proscribed by the Vatican, it is up to the individual to choose.  For a short time Chicago media organizations abided by his wishes, but were overwhelmed by angry phone calls from Joe Sixpacks who assumed they knew better.  Most media outlets switched back to the traditional form just to make the complaints stop.  It’s easier than being correct.

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