Chicago Children’s Museum Move to Grant Park Not Dead Yet

There was an interesting note at a public meeting of the Grant Park Conservancy a couple of days ago.  Bob O’Neill, the head of the organization, said that the plan for moving the Chicago Children’s Museum from Navy Pier (600 East Grand Avenue) to Daley Bicentennial Plaza (337 East Randolph Street) is far from dead.

Richard M. Daley Bicentennial Plaza in Grant Park

The most recent newspaper articles on the topic have made it sound like the plan was off, or at least on permanent hold.  But O’Neill says the meetings he’s been to show that the plan is full stream ahead, that Jean (“Gigi”) Pritzker remains committed to raising private money for the project, and that in spite of the recession, the plan is moving forward.

There were a number of opponents of the project in the audience when he made the remarks.  It will be interesting to see if there is an organized response, and what form it will take.

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