Status Update: Children’s Memorial Hospital

It’s not often we have a status update that lacks a photo, but this is one of those cases.

We’ve received word from Children’s Memorial Hospital that the new hospital at 225 East Chicago Avenue will be topped off by early December, maybe a little sooner if the weather cooperates.

Right now, the project has entered a new phase of construction — building the portion of the skyscraper that cantilevers over the northeast side of the building and contains the sky lobby.  That should be done in the spring.

A hospital spokeswoman also sent over a revised fact sheet.  Maybe I missed it the first time around, but this was new to me:

Sky Garden: The 5,000 square-foot sky garden, a unique activity and respite area, will include a translucent interactive light wall that changes color as children approach.

That sounds pretty neat.  Maybe it will turn flashing red when a helicopter approaches so the kids know to run for cover!  Seriously, though — I’m all in favor of the continued greening of Chicago’s roofs, and the sky garden will be 11 stories below the heliport anyway (12 if you count the 13th floor, which doesn’t exist).

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