Thank You For Your Patience

Due to an error at Google, the Chicago Architecture Blog is temporarily mostly unavailable.

The Chicago Architecture Blog was hosted in Google’s Blogger/BlogSpot cloud service. Several days ago, all of our blogs hosted there simply vanished.

It’s not just us. Google appears to have accidentally erased thousands of people’s blogs. And a quick Google shows that this isn’t the first time.

Currently there is no information about whether this matter is being worked on at all, or if it will ever be resolved. In typical Google fashion, information is one-way, and you take what Google gives you, and are thankful for it, or get out.

So, we have chosen to get out. Since there is no way to know when, or if, Google will restore service, we are moving the blog to our own servers at Pair Networks. Pair Networks servers power most of the rest of what we do here, and have proven to be far more reliable than the service Google provided us. As of this writing, our Google-based blogs have been down for five days. Pair Networks has never given us more than three minutes of downtime in seven years.

Please be patient while we try to salvage the old articles and put together some new ones.

Thanks for visiting.


Author: Editor

Editor founded the Chicago Architecture Blog in 2003, after a long career in journalism. He can be reached at

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