Aaaaaaand… We’re Back!

I no longer believe in the technological fairyland that is known as “The Cloud.”

The Cloud is the latest technology buzzword that dot-com companies are banking on to keep the industry afloat for a little longer.  You’ve probably seen TV commercials that mention “the cloud.”  Or if you read a lot of business magazines, the suit-and-tie version of it is “SaaS” (Software as a Service).

The cloud is a great idea.  And I truly believe that some day it will revolutionize information access.

Today is not that day.

Today is the day I bid farewell to Google’s Blogspot service.  This cloud blogging app (it would have been called a “virtual publisher” in the 90’s dot-com boom) is what I have run two commercial and one personal blog on for the last four years.  Before that I used a homegrown CMS.

But, as you may have read earlier, Google lost the blogs.  All of them.  Thousands of articles, photos, and reader comments vaporized into “the cloud.”

I’m not running blogging software on my own server.  It’s more time, more money, and more work than just using a cloud app like Big G’s Blogspot/Blogger.  But then again, Google’s offering was free.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in business, it’s that very often you get what you paid for.

I paid nothing to use Google’s blogging service.  And now that’s what Google has left me with: Nothing.

Thanks to some help from the people across the street at Microsoft’s Bing headquarters, I’m managing to slowly recover many of the articles that were formerly on this blog.  Sadly, all of the comments our loyal readers have left are gone forever.

Still, this is an opportunity to look forward, not back.  Time to rejuvenate this blog and increase the level of regular posting.

It’ll take a couple of days for me to get as many of the old articles back as I can.  After that, we’ll plow ahead with new content.  Set phasers on stun, and your RSS reader to

Thanks for being a reader.


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