Even Buildings Aren’t Safe From Microsoft

One of the tech blogs I frequent, called The Daily WTF, recently posted this interesting photo from our neck of the woods.

An unfortunate sign. From The Daily WTF

It’s a sign outside the new condos at 3300 West Lawrence Avenue. But if you look closely, you’ll see the word “can’t” has been mangled.

My guess is that some real estate office sent the sign company a Microsoft Word document.  Word, and its other Microsoft siblings, are notorious for causing just this type of mayhem.

Back in 2001, if your company wasn’t using Microsoft products, it wasn’t considered serious. ¬†Today, if your company still uses Microsoft, it’s seen as a sign of being old, decrepit, and unreliable. It’s funny how the world has changed in just ten short years.


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  1. More likely, the graphic designer is on a Mac and put in a proper curly apostrophe, while the sign fabricator uses a PC to drive the vinyl cutter.

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    • Editor

      Good observation. That makes a lot of sense.

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