A Swede on the South Side



One could spend an entire week admiring the architecture of the University of Chicago.  One person who has plenty of time to do that is Carl von Linne.  In statue form, of course.

Von Linne was a doctor and a scientist, and according to the Wikimopedia, is considered the father of both modern taxonomy (classifying plants and animals), and a founder of what we now call ecology.

So, what’s this Swede doing perched in Hyde Park’s Midway Plaisance, gazing southward toward what so many people consider the “real” Chicago?  Well, he’s not a native south-sider.

The Linne Monument originally stood in Lincoln Park when Carl Johan Dyfverman finished it in 1891.  But in 1976 was moved to its current location, and was rededicated by the King of Sweden.

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