This is What Would Happen If Urban Outfitters Was an Architect

Used goods stores are usually in used buildings — warehouses, historic but run-down brick piles, old clapboard cabins — that sort of thing.  But that’s not true for Belmont Army Vintage (855 West Belmont Avenue).

I can only assume that the “Army” is in the name to give it a little “Army Navy Store” flair.  But mostly this is a “vintage” clothing store, which also carries a selection of new items intentionally designed to look old.  The Lake View building, too, is trying to pull off the faux retro hipster look.

It’s has a wonderful Gehry-esque undulating facade, with angled window bays that both protrude, and recess.  And on a cloudy Chicago day, the metal makes it seem like a weathered old battleship.

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