Hard Rock This House

Later this week, I am going to check in to the Hard Rock Hotel (230 North Michigan Avenue) for a while.  Although a lot of people scratched their heads when this hotel located so far from the Hard Rock Cafe (63 West Ontario Street), it has given the wonderful old Carbide and Carbon Building new life, and once again made it an icon on Michigan Avenue.

This will be my second stay at the Hard Rock, and in spite of all the tourists who use it, it remains a very good quality experience at reasonable (by Chicago standards) rates.

Those of you who have not stayed at the hotel yet may not be aware that there is memorabilia from music history in the hallways on each floor.  So here’s a list of what’s on which:

  1. Styx
  2. -unknown-
  3. The Rolling Stones
  4. Aerosmith
  5. John Lennon and Chet Atkins
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. BB King
  8. Cheap Trick
  9. Chicago
  10. Madonna
  11. AC/DC
  12. The Who
  13. none
  14. Elton John
  15. Elvis
  16. Prince
  17. Annie Lennox
  18. Tina Turner
  19. Jimi Hendrix
  20. Kiss
  21. none.
  22. Kenny Kravitz
  23. Led Zeppelin

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