Status Update: The Shops at Lakeshore East


It looks like the long-awaited supermarket at Lakeshore East is inching closer to reality.

When I moved to LSE in January, 2004 the leasing agents were all excited about the supermarket that would open “within months.”

I continued shopping with Peapod, and by the time I left in 2007, there was still nothing but a mud hole where the store was supposed to go.

Today I stopped by to see if anything had changed in the year since I last visited Lakeshore East, and there’s now a promising looking building.
The brand promised in the window is “Mariano’s Fresh Market,” a brand used by Milwaukee-based Roundy’s. Also shown in the window is III Forks Steakhouse, and something called Black Coffee Gallery.

With any luck these will all open this year and the massive Magellan Development project will take another giant step in its transition from urban outpost to urbane neighborhood.



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