Why Tourists are Commuting Faster Than You

A friend of mine commutes six days a week between her condo just off Michigan Avenue, and her job at one of the grotty startups in the West Loop.  Every day she panics about being late.  Every day she watches the Chicago Water Taxis chug down the river while she’s sitting on an immobile 151 bus stuck in traffic.  Why does she do this?

For some reason there is a certain quadrant of people who believe the water taxis that ply the Chicago River are for tourists only.  They’re not!  In fact, you can buy a monthly pass like on CTA, or a book of commuter tickets, just like you would with Metra.  And if you’re taking Metra anyway, you can walk directly from your train at the Ogilvie Transportation Center (500 West Madison Street) through the skywalk to Riverside Plaza (2 North Riverside Plaza) where the water taxi picks you up.  No weather worries.

Granted, the water taxi isn’t for everyone; but I use it frequently.  For certain routes that I take, it’s cheaper, faster, and way cooler than the bus.  Sure, it’s not for everyone or every destination. But I think if more people opened up their minds to it, they might find out that the water taxi is a viable commuting option.  Especially considering the mess that traffic is all day with the Wacker Drive reconstruction.

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