Hollywood Blows Up Chicago. Again.

It seems like every month, Hollywood churns out yet another end-of-the-world movie.  Sometimes armageddon doesn’t start in New York or Los Angeles.  It happens on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Coming out in July is the latest Transformers movie, called Dark of the Moon.  From what I can tell from the trailer below, it’s about space robots that destroy Chicago.  This is far from the first time Chicago has been destroyed by a movie company.  My favorite time was in 1957 in the film The Beginning of the End (sadly, not currently available on Netflix).

Both the Transformers and The Beginning of the End do a pretty good job of showcasing Chicago’s skyline, even as flying space robots or flying mutant grasshoppers gnaw it to pieces.  It’s for that reason that I’ve posted the latest Transformers trailer here.  It won’t be hard to recognize Navy Pier, 35 East Wacker Drive, and 300 North LaSalle Street.

For what it’s worth, I won’t see the movie.  I’ve seen enough horror and destruction in real life; I don’t feel the need to engorge myself with made-up terrors.  I’m more of a Love Actually kind of guy.

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