Burch Leaves For Oak Branch

This past Friday, I was walking down Oak Street with our Gold Coast spy, and she said something interesting.  Going past 45 East Oak Street she pointed to the vacant space where Loro Piana once was and told me that Tory Burch is going to move into that location from its current space at 66 East Walton Street.

Loro Piana moved down the block not too long ago.

Tory hasn’t been on Walton Street very long, and did quite a lot of work on the old greystone when it moved in a couple of years ago, so I didn’t think too much about her prediction, and filed it away in my mind under “check into this later.”

Then, Sunday (May 1, 2011) I was walking down Oak Street alone, and saw this — The windows at number 45 are now papered over with orange and white Tory Burch logos.  I guess I should have more faith in my spies. (If you’d like to be one of our neighborhood spies, just e-mail me at editor@chicagoarchitecture.info)

The “I -heart- Chicago xx -Tory” on the door is a cute touch.

It looks like Tory Burch will only take the ground and second floors of the building.  The third floor is currently occupied by Free Nation of Beauty, and has its own entrance.  Still, that’s an improvement.  On Walton street, Tory Burch only had one floor and about 2,500 square feet of space.  Moving to Oak Street gives it two floors, totaling about 4,000 square feet.

Also, the Oak Street building was erected in 1926, and should be in better condition than Burch’s previous digs, which went up in 1895.


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