Retail Roundup at Lakeshore East

It’s been a little more than a decade since the process began to transform Chicago’s downtown golf course into a residential community of 50,000 people.  During most of that time, residents have been told  to keep the faith — that retail is coming.  Really.

It looks like this is the summer that the promises actually come true.

Sure, there’s been a Fifth/Third bank in The Shoreham (400 East South Water Street) for a couple of years, and the Rom café opened in 2010.  But thos are hardly adequate for the thousands of people who now call Lakeshore East home.

Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up:

  • May 12, 2011:
    • Lease signed for a new breakfast joint.
    • Lease signed for a new French bistro.
  • Expected to open soon:
    • Cuticle sail salon
    • Black Coffee Gallery
  • Opening in July:
    • Chalk pre-school opening in The Tides (360 East South Water Street)
  • First week of September:
    • Three Forks Steakhouse expected to open
    • Mariano’s Fresh Market expected to open
    • Public parking garage expected to open
  • Opening in November:
    • The Raddison Blu Chicago opens inside Aqua (430 East Waterside Drive)
    • An Italian restaurant opens to supplement the Raddison.

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