Near West Loft Building Changes Owners, Drops Prices

The Near West Side loft building formerly known as VB1224 (1224 West Van Buren Street) is under new ownership.

If you’ve ever taken the Blue Line down the middle of the Eisenhower, you’re probably familiar with the massive brick building on the north side of the highway, near the Racine stop.  The building has been bought by Foxford City, of Hinsdale, which has christened it the “Van Buren Lofts.”

Unlike so many new constructions that skate by as soft lofts, faux lofts, or mock lofts, this building contains real lofts.  That means high ceilings, concrete columns, real wood floors (not photocopies of wood on plastic), and killer views.  It was originally a paper mill, before becoming the home of the True Value company.  In 2007 it went residential.

Instead of flipping the building from condos to apartments, like so many others have done recently, Foxford City is instead dropping the pricing on the units to get people in.  In some cases by as much as $95,000.  One+dens start at $189,900, and two-bedrooms start at $229,900.

I lived in a loft in Houston for a time, and here’s my advice to any potential loft buyers out there:  Get a Roomba.  There’s nothing cooler than having a robot wake up, sweep your floors, and then go back to its charger to sleep every morning.  And the open layouts of lofts are perfect for the quirky little saucer to do its job.


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