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If you’re thinking about taking a summer road trip, consider Route 66.  Made famous by a TV show you’ve never seen, the “Mother Road” has attained legendary status through pop culture references in music, movies, and television.

A luck would have it, Route 66 starts in downtown Chicago.  There’s even a sign for it near the intersection of East Adams Street and South Michigan Avenue.  If you have enough time, you can follow it all the way to Los Angeles.  It’s best done in a gas-guzzling two-tone fire engine red and white Oldsmobuick-style convertible, but if a Honda’s all you’ve got, that’s OK, too.

If you make it to the west coast, and follow 66 back home, don’t stop at Michigan Avenue.  Going the other way, the road doesn’t end until the intersection of Jackson and Lake Shore Drive. It would be a shame for you to go all that way and miss the goal by two blocks.

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