Culti Gone

Culti at 840 North Michigan Avenue closed

For those of you playing the Great Michigan Avenue Store Closing Drinking Game, it’s time to take another gulp.

Culti is gone (840 North Michigan Avenue, though it was really around the corner on Chestnut Street).  We noted its opening back around Christmas, 2009 (Culti Looks Redi).  The high-end boutique specialized in luxury housewares.  A couple of visits showed that the items were not overpriced for the quality, but possibly beyond the grasp of mass market Michigan Avenue shoppers.

A couple of weeks ago a paper sign was tacked to the door indicating that the store was “moving” and that everything must go.

By “moving,” the proprietor must have meant “moving back to Italy” because the Milan-based shop is locked up tight, and the phone has been disconnected.

More disturbing is the equally vacant storefront next door, which was once a Pure Med Spa. According to a San Diego television station, the entire chain abruptly closed.  Its web site currently lists five locations currently open, and all of them are in the Toronto area.

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