Lakeshore East’s Newest Skyscraper Gets a Name

I’ve been super busy this week with a photography assignment on the South Side* and have barely been checking my e-mail.  That’s why I missed the tip from our Lakeshore East spy that Magellan Development’s building formerly known as Building A is now known as The Coast.

Image courtesy of Brininstool, Kerwin and Lynch

More importantly, groundbreaking has taken place for the new residential tower at 345 East Wacker Drive, right next to the Swissôtel.


If the completed building by Brininstool, Kerwin and Lynch looks anything like the renderings (I know, I know…) it will fit in nicely with the neighboring hotel.  The east and west facades are glass, while north and south are recessed balconies faced with glass rails.

At 45-stories and 425 feet tall, it’s going to be slightly shorter than The Tides, and trash the views of many an Aqua resident.  A number of them have complained that they are going to lose views and sleep because of the new building.  I lost plenty of sleep while Aqua was being built (6:30am pile drivers FTW!), so I have little sympathy.

Back on topic — The $150 million building’s name “Coast” is a continuation of the water theme at Lakeshore East: The Tides, The Shoreham, Aqua, The Lancaster… wait, what?

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