More Photos: Ikram’s New Red House of Fashion

The facade of the new Ikram boutique at 15 East Huron Street, still under construction.

The facade of the new Ikram boutique at 15 East Huron Street, still under construction.

We keep hearing that Chicago’s leading fashion trendsetter, Ikram Goldman, is going to open her new boutique at 15 East Huron Street any day now, so we stopped by over the weekend to see how things were progressing.

Based on what we saw, “any day now” seems somewhat optimistic, and in fact the official opening day is set for July 27th.  That seems very realistic.

Behind the black burlap and white protective coverings, you can see the 16,000+ square-foot place has really come together.  The facade is a fantastic red.  Not that fakey cherry red that they paint Corvettes with, but the pure, deep red of a fresh tube of Chanel lipstick.  Very similar to the red used on the Ikram web site.  The round showcase windows feature an hourglass shape reminiscent of a capital I, done is backlit textured red glass.

Perhaps the remaining lenticular portions of those windows will feature women’s fashions in the lower windows, and the expansion into menswear in the upper.  There is also a courtyard.  We’ve heard that the building might incorporate a super-exclusive cafe, and this would appear to be a perfect setting for it.

Here’s a small gallery of photos of the boutique, still under construction:



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