Whither Art Magnolia’s Bloom?

Magnolia Bakery sign at Block37

Magnolia Bakery sign at Block37

It was back in March that all the usual Chicago blogging suspects went nuts reprinting, re-linking, and recirculating the same tidbit of press-release information: That New York’s famous Magnolia Bakery was going to open an outlet in Chicago.  Soon.  Like June.

Well, June has come and gone, and all that seems to exist of Magnolia is the sign at Block37, a note on Block37’s web site stating that it’s “coming soon,” and Google cache of all those blogs referencing one another in a sycophantic link frenzy.

We did the old “site:” search of Magnolia Bakery’s web site, and according to Big G, the word “Chicago” is nowhere to be found.

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