Everyone in Chicago Look Up and Say “Cheese!”

Chicago, from the International Space Station

Chicago, from the International Space Station

Just when I thought I was super-cool for my photo of Chicago from 10,000 feet, some hunky astronaut has to go and one-up me.

This is a photograph of Chicagoland (and beyond) taken from the International Space Station by Ron Garan.  We ran the photo through a little Noise Ninja action before posting it here, so click the pic to see it larger.  You can snarf the original from @Astro_Ron, Garan’s Twitter feed where he’s been posting all sorts of cool pictures.

If you’re wondering what kind of gear was used, according to the photo’s meta data, he used a Nikon D3S, which runs six large, so it helps to be making astronaut coin to take these pictures.  The photo above was shot at f4 with an exposure time of 1/6 of a second.

The D3S is capable of making immense 12-megapixel photographs so it’s likely that the picture is actually more beautiful than we see here.  Garan bunged it through Picassa and shrank it down to 1600×1064 before stuffing it into TwitPic, so much of the detail has been lost.  Maybe when he gets back down to Earth, he’ll make the raw image public.

Expect to see this picture everywhere, since astronauts are federal employees, so the photograph is not subject to copyright.

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